Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Soooo London Fashion Week is just around the corner, just around the 3 hour drive for me but you get my point! Anyhow, i managed to get tickets for the following weekend- The London Fashion Weekend Experience which i am super excited about, and obviously the outfit choice is the biggest decision you will have to make the whole of this month...
At first i was adamant i was going to wear pastels and these Cigarette trousers from River Island were perfect. But then i came to the devastating discovery that i do not own a pastel jacket and as my purse is still empty a new jacket would just about break the bank, i'm also thinking this outfit wouldn't go down too well with the 100mph winds outside right now...
So i decided i would go for a more winterized look and wear my mums leather jacket, my apache red boots from Topshop and my friends' red clutch from prom 2012. I did however have to buy these amazingly bold pants from Topshop and floppy hat from River island to help me on my way...oopsie

Lilac jersey top- Asos
Pink trousers- River Island
Pink flower necklace- River Island
Blue shoes- Missguided

Black hat- River Island
Black jersey top- Topshop
B&W pants- Topshop
Red boots- Topshop

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