Wednesday, 23 April 2014

This dress instantly caught my eye as soon as I entered Zara. I think the pastel blue is perfect for this seasons 'in' colours, and the eye pattern is just so funky I couldn't resist buying it!
The neoprene material is just another factor that made me love it even more. Neoprene is everywhere at the moment but tends to be quite expensive. So i think £25 for this Trafaluc Dress was pretty amazing. 

I have paired the dress with my black transparent backpack that I got for an amazing price of £5.99 off eBay, as well as the godly platform boots I was given this Easter, which were from Asos for £55. I thought I would take the black element out of the eyes in order to choose what shoes and accessories I would wear it with, as there Isn't lots of black but I'd say just enough for Spring! I'm so in love with this outfit <3

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