Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Yesterday I finally spent the last of my Miss Selfridge voucher on these incredible floral flare pants and peach top! I bought the pants for £35 and the top was only £8 and they sell them in every colour! However I had been given this beautiful coral pink bag from La Moda, so my decision on what colour top and trousers I wanted to buy was already subconsciously swayed. 
Even though the colours within this outfit, in my opinion, complement each other perfectly, each one of these items could be worn differently. The La Moda bag or top could be worn with a pair of everyday jeans,skirt or pair of shorts. And the trousers not only look great with fitted tops but would also look great with a floaty crop top in any of the colours you can spot within the pants. i.e. peach, coral, pastel yellow, black, white and leaf green.
I love the gold detail on the bag, its not too much but the white gold colour goes perfectly with the baby yellow tones within the trousers. You could also wear some white gold jewellery with this outfit to complement the bag accents. The bag also comes with an extendable strap, so you could wear it as a shoulder bag if you wanted a different look!
The trousers also have a matching top in the same pattern at Miss Sellfridge, but I liked the mix of coral gradients, however if I had the money I would definitely buy the top too, it was gorgeous!

I bought the shoes from one of the market shops  in Manchester Arndale for £25, I never expected to wear them as much as I have but they go with absolutely everything and are super comfy. Not a blister in sight!

To complement the floral pattern, I wore this baby pink flower headband that i got for about £2 from Primark! I think its perfect not only for outfits like this but also for festival season.

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