Sunday, 29 November 2015


I recently received this beautiful embroidered bell sleeve top from Southern Stories, and I just can't get enough of it.
my first instant thought was that this top would be my staple piece for all the festivals this Summer, but then I got upset about how long I would have to wait until then. So I decided to create a look that would interpret that 'boho' look that I love whilst also being appropriate for Winter!
So, I styled the top with my £10 Primark black jeans, and my Dr Martens. I wore my Docs all through the Summer, because we live in England and its never too hot for Docs. 
So the only thing that would change with this outfit for the summer, would be wearing a knee length, gypsy style, white, burnt orange, or black skirt instead of the jeans!
I accessorized with my favourite shoulder bag which my wonderful housemate brought back from her travels for me, because I love the design and its perfect when you don't have much to carry around.
I also wore my big gold hoom earrings and just threw half my hair up into a scruffy bun to add to the relaxed look!
The embroidery on the top really is beautiful, it's so intricate and I love how the orange stands out so much against the black. Southern Stories sells so many tops with different designs and embroidery on them. But I chose this one for the bold colours and tassels around the wrists.
These tops are only £20 to buy, and there are also dresses and other items available for great prices too.
You can't go wrong.

Lauren xxxx

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