Monday, 21 December 2015


I am literally on a subconscious mission to collect a faux fur coat in every colour possible. And when I came into contact with the lovely brand - fearless - this coat instantly caught my eye and I just had to blog about it!
I've gone for quite a boxy look, with my loose dark green velvet co-ord from Zara.
You can't see the colours that well in these images so it's hard to appreciate how well the co-ord matches the dark green patches within the coat, but you can take my word and trust me that it goes perfectly.
Obviously this look won't be every ones cup of tea, but it is definitely my taste and I love a boxy silhouette. However. if I were to style it differently I would just go super simple and wear a white, loose fit t-shirt, with a pair of black jeans, my white Reeboks and of course a nice pair of glittery socks, lets go for green?!
If you like what you see with this coat, then click here to have a look around the Fearless website! 
Lauren xxxx

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