Saturday, 29 March 2014

I am officially broke. Its all Topshop's fault. But its okay because I have cool clothes. I couldn't believe how secure and comfy the bandeau was when i first tried it on!
In the 1st photo I went for a festival/bohemian style with the big headband and split maxi skirt from River Island!
In the 2nd, I went for the oh so riskay double denim look, with my trusty DM's and two toned sunnies from Topshop. This is my fave because it looks so chilled! I know I could wear the bandeau out anytime with the jeans. I think the outfit would also look great with a black suede bomber.
If you prefer vintage the last two outfits may be more for you. I got the brown pants from eBay for about £4! and bought the pastel floral jeans from Cow Vintage in Manchester. Its always risky buying clothes from eBay when it comes to sizes and lengths, but when good clothes are going for so little it's hard to say no!
I'm also completely in love with my Linzi holographic shoes in the last look, I cannot wait for it to be warm enough to wear them out!

Denim Bandeau- Topshop £20

1. Skirt- River island £13
    Headband- River Island £10
2. Jeans- Primark- £9
    Dr Martens- £90
    Sunglasses- Topshop £16
3. Trousers- eBay £4
    Shoes- Topshop £32
    Sunglasses- Topshop £16
4. Shoes- £25
    Clutch- River Island £16
    Jeans- Wearecow £16

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