Wednesday, 12 March 2014

So, I owe you all an explanation as to why I ended up wearing something completely different than I said i would. As we all know I am a shopaholic, so the day before the events, I ended up going H&M mad and purchasing this amazing pastel blue, cropped jumper, and mini leather skirt. What do you expect when the shop is 6 freaking levels high?! It also ended up being quite a sunny day too which meant I didn't need to buy a new coat to match THANK GOD. I already had these tights i got from Topshop and thought as everything else I was wearing was quite plain, I would be able to get away with the crazy pattern! Luckily I have a very fashionable mum, so I was able to steal these Topshop boots away from her for the day- which after 9 hours of walking around trying to find the god damn place I absolutely despised. I love them really, thanks mum!

Jumper- £34.99
Skirt- £14.99
Both H&M

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