Tuesday, 9 September 2014

LYDC have a few different brands under their belt, one of which is Anna smith- the brand this cute two piece belongs too! I love co-ords, I love pink and I love glittery things! So this is more than perfect for me <3 
I know this is quite a summery outfit and we are now in A/W but there's no harm in being prepared is there?! And if you're not convinced, I think the co-ord would look really cool with a pair of low denier tights, a black kimono, and some chunky leather boots.
The top is £38 and the shorts are £43 but they are beautifully embellished, and they both come with extra dismantles just in case you get over excited hehe.
The strap detail on the top is really different and pretty, with a strap over the front as well as the back. Depending on how you dress this up, this co-ord is good for anything and I definitely recommend LYDC.

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