Tuesday, 23 September 2014

So, I thought this would be a good time to post this outfit, as I'm wearing my Salt and Pepper Firetrap coat from USC, and tonight is Vogue's Fashion Night Out in London, where USC are taking part on Oxford Street, and you're all invited!
The first thing I noticed and loved about this coat, is the way it drops the front, and from the back it almost looks like a bomber jacket. My second  favourite thing about it is the oversized fit, I love big coats, I bought a size 20 primark coat just so that it would fit me in a way that this naturally great USC jacket does.  And my third is the flexibility of colours that you could potentially style with it!
As the great GOT saying goes, Winter is coming, and for that reason I wore all dark greys, blacks and my £3 birgundy primark T-shirt. Although I think I could vary my trousers and tops with this jacket, I really love how my Topshop over-the-knee boots look , as its giving a mixture of textiles with the  salt and pepper contrasting against the black leather.  
With the bag, I tried to be a bit creative and bring in yet another pattern and fabric with my mommas Michael Kors tote. I think this could have worked slightly better woth an all black or burgundy bag, but I personally like this one with my USC coat!
And last but not least,  I wore my mums vintage choker as it's the same colour burgundy as my top and makes the whole look a bit more funkaayyyyy. 

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