Friday, 21 November 2014

This is one of the two crazy cool dresses that dead-lovers gifted me. This one is covered in diamonds. No not real ones, but close enough. 
I think it's the perfect dress for a party our night out, because of its mini skirt cut and also detailing around the neck. 
To dress it up, I've paired the dress with my Garage Shoes boots and my Mums Mulberry clutch. To add a bit of fun to the outfit, I also wore BOTH of my chokers, one pink and one black, to complement the accent colours in the print.
This Dead-Lovers Dress is only £49.99 and is a really thick and comfortable material, to be precise, a Polyester/Elastine Mix, scuba fabric!
I also like this dress, because I don't think it has a specific season you need to wear it in! So when you're routing through your wardrobe with your friends, trying to find something to wear and your friend says, "how about this?" When you would normally say "too summery", that just wouldn't happen! It's perfect for all seasons... and occasions too whilst we're at it.

It's now available to pre-order here!

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