Friday, 5 December 2014

Now that's over with...
Here is my post on my new Style Edit boots!
I'm so lucky to have Syle Edit as a company that want to collaberate with bloggers so often, I constantly have a great shoe collection. So thank you Style Edit <3
Here I am wearing the SE knee high boots, with a crocodile print all over, and gold zip all the way up on the outside.
Knee high and over the knee boots are so in fashion this Winter, ALL the bloggers are wearing them. But I love how different these are to any others I've seen. They're perfect for all occasions, with tights and a dress at a party. Or with dark blue/black jeans, a white t-shirt and a boyfriend blazer, for a more casual outing.
As you can see, I'm wearing my SE boots with a turtle neck dress. I chose to wear a black dress because I wanted the Teal Fur coat (that I bought for £25 from Primark) to stand out! The gold zip on the boots is what makes them also stand out a lot. Taking the gold into account, I then paired my Mulberry bag with the gold fasten on, and blue & gold necklace with the outfit.
As well as being generously gifted by Style Edit, USC are also being forever amazing to me, with surprise parcels landing on my doorstep out of the blue! They sent me the turtle neck jumper dress that I am wearing under the coat. (you can scroll down for images). 
Although I am wearing it as a dress, you can also wear it as a long jumper, or rouch, rouch? I don't know if that's how you spell it but you know what I mean! Oops hehe. ANYWAY, that's for a slighly oversized fit instead.
I just want to say, thank you again for being so patient with my super slow blogging lately! You're all great <3

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