Thursday, 11 December 2014

I'm really lusting over long sleeved play-suits at the moment, I have seen so many bloggers wear them recently, with over the knee or ankle boots. I have worn my gorgeous, green paisley play-suit, with my mega Shelly's London ankle boots!
Not only is the paisley pattern really beautiful, but there is also super delicate, black,  lace detail on the sleeves and back fastening. I also love the fit of the USC play-suit, the waist is really nicely fitted, and the sleeves puff out ever so slightly around the cuffs.
Taking the green and black colour palette from the USC play-suit into account, I paired it with my 'RockmyRock' emerald necklace, my boyfriend black blazer and black, leather, Shelly's London ankle boots.
 These boots are really perfect for wearing with any style of outfit, they are just long enough up the ankle, that they don't look as though they are cutting your legs off, however they would also look great with a pair of tights, as the play-suit is quite dark.
It may sound ridiculous, but I think socks are a very important feature to an outfit... when they are on show anyway... Hehe. But I LOVE glittery socks. I will find any excuse to throw on a pair for the world to see. In this outfit, I'm wearing my silver sparklies from Topshop. But I would love a pair of green glittery ones too, You could even experiment with layering a couple of pairs if you're feeling craazzzy.

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