Sunday, 18 January 2015

glitter + glitter + glitter

The Boxing Day Sales were way too good to me this year. It would be an understatement to say that I'm obsessed with these shoes let alone glitter all together,
Of course, one item of glitter is simply just not enough, so I wore my shoes with this super pretty mini dress from Runway96! You can shop there clothes via Depop- @Runway96.
They sell a variety of clothes from different brands, my purple sparkly dress that I am wearing is from Motel Rocks sold by RW96!
At the back there is a V shaped drop to just above the bra line which is a really nice bit of detail, and if you were to wear it backwards you wouldn't be too much of an exhibitionist either, hehe.
These photo's don't do the dress enough justice in terms of showing the sparkle, but if you scroll down to the last photo which is a close up, you can see how beautiful it really looks!
You could definitely get away with wearing no necklace with this dress, or maybe just a tiny choker, but obviously I love going a bit OTT, so I styled the dress with my RockmyRock pink necklace, and I think it looks great!
Some of you may be thinking ''jesus thats short'', and to be honest, it is. If i dropped a pencil I would be buying a litter picker to pick it up again. But the length is no problem if you just pop a pair of shorts on underneath to be on the safe side! And the great thing about the length is that you could also wear the dress with a pair of jeans and it wouldn't look too oversized!
Keep your eye out for Runway96, they will be launching their website really soon and are always uploading new items on depop <3

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