Wednesday, 7 January 2015

"Why not Nun it up and stick a t-shirt under it?!"

This post may be a little different in styling, to what you're usually used to seeing from me, but I think I love it!
When I did a shoot for Missy Empire, they were kind enough to gift me this beautiful, royal blue, velvet dress. It's really low cut so I thought 'hey, why not nun it up and stick a t-shirt under it?' And guess what, it actually works! 
I think the most important thing about this outfit are the accessories. the shoes and necklace are both from the wonderful Style Edit.
You can't see the shoes to their full potential in these photo's but they are truly stunning. They are dark blue and absolutely covered in glitter. And to make matters even better, they are super easy to wear! I had them on in this set of photos, doing gymnastics all around my new jazzy tripod, for about 40 minutes, and they still felt heavenly. Although you may think that is no time at all, it really is a long time to be stood up for hehe, especially for a girl who lives in Docs!
Now on to the necklace.,. it realy is the most gorgeous pieces of jewellery I own, similarly to the dress and shoes, the majority of the jewels are also dark blue, with a few baby pink and iredescent stones that look really cute with the blue and white theme I've got going on here.
Infact, if I were to wear a jacket with this outfit, it would be a baby pink bomber or over-sized blazer.

Dress- Missy Empire
T-shirt/leotard & Clutch- Primark
Necklace & Shoes- Style Edit
Bracelet- Chlobo
Socks- Matalan

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