Saturday, 13 June 2015


Thank you SO much Rare London, for this absolutely amazing dress! I don't want to take it off, even when I'm sat watching Love Island with a hot chocolate and a bar of Cadbury's I'm still wanting to wear it under my dressing gown. It's a crisp white colour, made from a super stretchy and quite a thick fabric. Meaning there is no need to worry about the world seeing which underwear you chose to wear that day. I wore a special bra from Asos that dips down in the shape of a large V and is also strapless, so I wore it with this dress as it also has a V cut neck and has one strapless side! 
I also wore my new Public Desire suede fringed heels as I decided to go for a black and white colour scheme. The shoes are also wonderful, very high but also comfortable so you could wear them quite a lot! I then wore my Mother's Mulberry clutch as it also went with the black and white theme and I think the style matched the formality of the whole look.
I chose to wear my hair down but think a slick pony could have looked super kewl, the only thing stopping me from doing that was the fact I have huge ears, but thats another story.
The dress is also sold in Black and a few other colours like pink and blue. If you're interested in buying this fabulous dress for £42, click here.
Lauren xxx

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