Tuesday, 9 June 2015


I am completely OBSESSED with this jumpsuit. The fit, the fabric, the print, EVERYTHING.
The Jumpsuit is from Miss Foxy for £18.90, Not only is this jumpsuit amazingly priced, the whole website is! So get your asses over there and check them out!
The fabric is like a really nice crepe, with a beautiful bold striped print all over it, not just on the front like some other places selling similar garments. 
One of the things I loved about the outfit, was that on the top part of the jumpsuit, there is a lining behind the fabric which is slightly tighter fitted than the outer layer, meaning that the top is permanently hanging over the belt section, and won't adjust throughout the time you're wearing it, perfect!
I've noticed that it's come into fashion these last few months, to have your trouser legs finishing at the ankle, literally definining the term 'ankle swingers' so if you're quite tall like I am, you can wear them with a set of chunky heels to show off them anklezzz, But if you're quite petite, the jumpsuit would also look really cute finishing a little lower, covering your shoes slightly. Just like a lot of the palazzo pants out in the stores right now.
I chose to wear my mums little handbag from the 80's with this outfit, as the style of the jumpsuit is quite vintage anyway. 
So I just added to that vibe by also wearing my hair in a messy pony and wearing my huge black platforms.

Jumpsuit - Miss Foxy
Shoes - Forever 21

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