Wednesday, 8 July 2015


It's not often that I get to dress up all snazzy and go out, but next time i do, I will 100% be sporting this forevermodo jumpsuit!
It has all my favourite features in one garment... A halter neck, a v- neck, palazzo pants, and its black yayy hehe. 
Forevermodo sells so many dofferent jumpsuits of a similar style in loads of different colours.
I now have two both made from super comfy fabric. And although the style makes it hard to wear a bra without making it obvious, theres no need to worry if you're a lil scared about showing a nip shadow, because they hardly show through the double layered fabric. 
You can buy this jumpsuit for just £19.99! SAY WHAAAAA?!
If that doesnt tempt you i dont know what will.
I'm wearing my lovely new ego lace up heels in black, again they are amazingly comfortable to spend the day/night in. GO GRAB A PAIR!!
Lauren xxx

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