Friday, 10 July 2015

Some serious good feels for Feels

Feels is 100% my current favourite app.

If you enjoy putting outfits together, have a fashion blog, or even just enjoy looking at how other people have styled themeslves, then this app was designed for you!
And with the new update, it just keeps getting better.

I have a Lookbook account, but I find their standards, uploading process and general navigation really quite difficult to use, but I love the concept of all stylists and bloggers coming together in one place! Then I was introduced to 'Feels' and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect balance between Instagram and Lookbook, with a simple scrolling system, and very natural photos. Where you can like and comment on the images.

Especially after its new update, the uploading process on 'Feels' is just SO easy, it literally takes seconds. All you have to do is tag a few brands that you're wearing, and then just wait for a few minutes for it to be approved! 

Not only do I use the app for showing off my own outfits, I also love scrolling down and seeing what everyone else is wearing, and you're just a tap away from finding out where each item is from if you're interested in buying it yourself! Although this is super helpful, I'm now also super bankrupt. But I got kewl clothes so who cares right?

I'm not done yet telling you all the things you can do on this app, because there is also a page where you can apply for castings, right now there is a collab with Missguided, where you upload a lil' video or a full length picture, demonstrating your 'babesofmissguided' style! There is a short explanation of what you have to upload and what you're entering the casting for, then there are simple steps guiding you all the way! There are new castings popping up all the time too, so the fun never ends hehe.

I loved the app before the update, but now there are sooo many new features, which I didn't think was possible as they already offered so much! You can discover many new brands, and also search their new featured 'Fashion' page, where you can watch popular fashion orientated Youtube videos, and see who and what is trending.

I really do swear by this app right now, it even motivates me to keep blogging because I love hearing the feedback and uploading new outfits so much!

If you want to follow me on the app search Lauren Hallworth and press follow!
You should also follow 'Feels' on Facebook and Twitter, because they're constantly posting people's looks to their social media sites, which have a total following of around 500,000, eeeek.
Soif you're wanting to get your name out there in the blogging/fashion world. DO ETTTT.

Lauren xxxx

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  1. This sounds so cool! Defo going to download and see what its like…