Monday, 5 October 2015

Miss-Pap Shania Multi Way

I am back to bring you another blog post but of a different kind...
I was gifted this incredible multi-way dress from Misspap, which you can buy for £20 here. and you can get 10% off with my code LAURENHALLWORTH10 which would make it a ridiculously cheap price of £18 oh ma gad.
So, here are my six favourite looks I managed to create with the dress!

I managed to create this look by twisting the straps over each other, wrapping them over my boobs, around my back, across the front of my neck and down around my waist, in a loose knot.
This is one of my favourite looks of them all because I think it's quite different and I love the cross over the neck!

This next look, I made by simply putting the straps over my shoulders, spread out. I then twisted it behind my back and then around the front of my waist into a bow.
I think this is a really easy but effective way of wearing the dress, I would definitely wear it out!

Here I tried something different by pulling the skirt down around my hips, then criss crossing the straps around my waist, wrapped over my boobs and tied in a knot at the back. You could also tuck the straps into the wrap, but I like how the fabric hangs in a knot!

So, I am not too sure about this look but I was experimenting with weaving the straps in and out and thought the outcome looked kinda cool. And I thought I would share the idea with you in case you wanted to give it a go!

I love how simple this style is. I just wrapped it over my boobs then wrapped one strap around my neck and then tied in a bow at the back of my neck. I only wrapped one around because otherwise it would have been quite a thick choker.
wrap wrap wrap

This is also one of my favourite looks of the six, I took inspiration from Misspap's guide on their website, but with a few little twists. TWISTS HAH HAH.
I twisted the straps over my shoulders twisted them together down my back until my waist. Then i criss-crossed them around me whilst still twisting, then finished in a loose knot.

The pictures below are just me messing around with the straps, I literally just hung them over my shoulders and liked the effect! 
I hope these pictures have inspired you to have a go with styling the dress yourself, 
Lauren xxxx