Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I think its fair to say that Triangl Bikini's are the best in the world. Everyone wants to get their hands on one and I can tell you that it feels pretty amazing wearing one!
Pink and black are both my favourite colours so how great is it that they sell mismatched bikini sets!?
The neoprene material- which is like what wet-suits are made from- makes the bikini super sturdy, I wore this set 4 times in chlorine and in the sea whilst I was on holiday, and it hasn't become discoloured or become any looser, which is what any girl wants in bikini practicality!
The treats of this brand don't stop there, the set comes with a matching beach bag too, which I used every single day on holiday and have even used it a few times when just going out and about.
These bikini's are definitely dangerous, I'm completely hooked and am on the website every day looking at all the new sets I long to own.

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