Thursday, 10 July 2014

moonwavesclothing were kind enough to send me this really cute two piece that she made herself! There are so many variety of styles and materials you can choose from on the website, and you can buy this one for such a reasonable price! The skirts are selling for only £10 and they are sewn with such care and all the little details like the lace trim just make it all the more worth it. I chose this yellow floral print, partly because I'm on a mustard/yellow hype right now but also because I GOTS ME A TAAAAN and yellow always looks great with a tan!
There's tiny bits of dark grey within the pattern but I wanted to accentuate it so I wore this chunky black belt from River Island and my favourite black sandals (that I wore every night in Malia- GODSEND).
I then wanted a different colour for the handbag so I chose this white mulberry clutch that has the gold to match the pattern of the two piece.

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