Friday, 22 August 2014

So, this is the second t-shirt dress I received from Hype womens! I don't think floral prints will EVER go out of fashion, I've loved them for as long as I've been dressing myself and as far as I can tell, everyone else does too! I love the colours within this dress, even the flowers are a really pale lime and coral colour, on top of a faded royal blue background. I think the concept of these t-shirt dresses are really interesting, every girl loves to wear a big t-shirt now and then, but now they have a bit of extra added length, they look slightly more feminine and are so easy to slip on! So if you aren't a girly girl but love to wear t-shirts, I think these dresses are perfect! However Hype sell other patterns that are more bold and pink, so they are also great for a girly girl like me!
I've worn my Public Desire shoes again, not only because I love them dearly, but because they also look super cute with little ankle socks! I've worn some lime green ones to go with the floral print of the dress, and the white shoe goes great with the white logo. I think the outfit looks good with the ankle socks because they somehow make heels less dressy when worn together. The cleated soles, socks, and t-shirt dress all together make the perfect "chilled but making an effort" look.  

Dress: Hype WMNS
Shoes: Public Desire
Socks: Topshop

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