Saturday, 30 August 2014

So these are the second pair of badboys that Style Edit gifted me! I predict big things for Timberland style shoes and boots this A/W and I think these boat shoes are perfect as we cross over from Summer to Autumn as they are low ankle but dark in colour. I can honestly say, apart from my fur slippers, they are the comfiest shoes I have! I've worn them loads for really long hours and have no blisters or ANYTHING. I feel like I'm wearing clouds on my feet!
I've worn them with an African style playsuit from eBay, that actually started off as jumpsuit but as it was slightly too big, I cut the legs off into mini shorts. I think this look is perfect for a festival, especially if its sunny so that the shoes don't get too mucky, errhh.

shoes- style edit
playsuit- ebay
necklace- ebay
bag- gucci
belt- river island
bra- asos

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