Wednesday, 1 October 2014

So here is my incredible purple bodycon dress from Vesper Dresses. I've been itching to share this with you, I'm totally in love!
I know this may not be the most interesting fact, but the material of the dress is literally amazing, it's super stretchy, super soft and super not see through, which in my opinion, are the three most important values when it comes to Bodycon dresses. Yayy for Vesper!
And now for the second most important things...
 THE COLOUR! It's sooo pretty. I love Lilac, If I had the money, I would be buying lilac items left right and centre.
The CUT- it's such a classy style of dress, a midi length with a 4 inch slit at the back of the skirt, and a cute triangle cut out under the bust. Sometimes I struggle to to wear dresses with a cut out here as I tend to flash the world as soon as I lift my arms up. But with my Vesper dress, I felt completely safe :)
And last but not least, my ever so valued tiny details- accross the back of the dress is a thin strap, that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also really handy when there's the danger of the sleeves falling off your shoulders.
You can buy so many dresses like this, in the same fabric and a range of colours from their website for really decent prices. When you're frantically searching the interenet for a new dress for a dressy party, Vesper Dresses, is the perfect place to find something!
I wore the dress with my RockmyRock multicoloured teardrop necklace. I think its the perfect piece to add a bit of fun and colour to the whole outfit, although RMR sells soo many pieces that would look great with any outfit, so it's pretty easy to go crazy for them.
As the chain of the necklace is gold, I decided to stick to that colour and wear my Gold Glitter wedges that I bought a few years ago from a market shoe shop and have lasted me until now! As well as wearing my white Mulberry clutch, with the gold badge on the front.

Dress: Vesper Dresses
Necklace- RockmyRock
Clutch- Mulberry
Shoes- market shoe shop

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