Monday, 6 October 2014

This is a kinda crazy post, featuring 3 different amazing brands; LYDC, Meemee and USC! When USC gave me the chance to choose my gift, I decided to go for these gorgeous, Firetrap, leather ankle boots. Mostly because they're sooooo nice, but also because I don't own many brown items and with it being Autumn. I figured its the perfect colour to stock up on. However, I had subconsciously been buying other brown bits and pieces, I received this Lydc Anna Smith tote and was also gifted the leopard print Motel jeans from the wonderful meemee
I don't normally put two brands together on a post, never mind three, but these items all just went so well I couldn't resist!
I like that all the browns are different shades and gradients, so each item stands out on its own, and I didn't become a chocolate bar. And then of course, a white t-shirt always looks good with any colour, plus I didn't want to go too dark with my colour palette like I tend to do so very often. Woops.
If you have a fetish for stretchy high waist jeans like I do, Motel Jeans are perfect for you. Meemee sell all vintage clothing, some renewed and some items from brands like Motel as well! I have spent so much time routing through their website, longing to own all of the items they are selling. It's definitely my new fave vintage shop!
The USC boots are super comfy, my Mum has been stealing them from me already. They're the kind of shoes I could do a long shopping trip in, when you want something that looks a little smarter but doesn't run the risk of breaking your neck in...these are perfect.
The LYDC bag is more of a tan colour than brown, but I believe it is is the brown family and pretty much goes with anything anyway, so this Anna Smith is an essential for your AW wardrobe!
I wore my cute wooden heart necklace from the wardrobe of mum, because she's super cool, and always buys pretty jewelery that coincidentally matches my outfits perfectly. TEHE.

Shoes- USC
Top- Primark

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