Tuesday, 28 October 2014

This year, I have been seriously lusting after sheepskin jackets, everywhere I went I would see one I liked, in vintage shops, on someone else and even at Fashion Week. But I have to say, thus style, colour and fit of my Bellfield coat, is so perfect for me. I love that it has the hood, and it looks more modern with the zip down the centre of it, contrasting with more traditional/vintage details, like the buttons and the sheepskin rimmed pockets.
As well as being the perfect coat for me, it's also the best Winter coat, completely lined with sheepskin material.
You may have seen this HUK skirt on my YouTube vlog, but anyway, I thought it looked great with my Bellfield coat, as the whole colour palette within the skirt is made up of greens, blues, and reds. And these are all darker shades that are complementry of the coats' brown/cream shade.
I know black and brown have always been a no no for putting together, but I have seen so much of it this year, on the high-street and on the catwalk! Whether it's within a paisley pattern, or a blend of brown leather and black suede shoes, I think this colour combo has defo been accepted. And therefore, I think the black tights, shoes and black within the skirt, is great to pair with the coat!
I think another outfit and way of styling it, would be to wear a chunky cream knit, of the same tone as the sheepskin fur, with some berry red/maroon leather trousers.

that may or may not be a label. oops.

Coat- Bellfield Clothing
Skirt- HUK
Top- primark
shoes- garage shoes

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