Saturday, 21 February 2015


You will have to excuse the bad quality pictures, but of course I didn't think to bring one of the most important pieces of equipment - a camera - to one of the most important events of my life. Standard Lauren mistake.
Anyhow, today was my first ever time gracing the shows of LFW and it was everything I imagined. I have sat for the last 4 or so years, looking at pictures of girls at LFW in the coolest clothes, surrounded by other people in more cool clothes, and it almost killed me with jealousy.
So thank you so much Shade London for giving me these tickets. You are DA BOMB.
So yeah, I am a sucker for a bit o' camouflage, and so I had to wear these swag pants from Missguided, they were about £25 which is incredible for a pair of silky high waisted trousers!
I also wore my £2.50 XXXL Primark T-shirt, over my £4 maroon turtle neck. I layered the tops as I was stuck between which to wear and then when I tried them on over the top of each other I was like DAYUM I like it!
My boyfriend bought me these amazing sandals for Christmas, I am so in love with them. I debated wearing them with no socks but it was way too cold today for that nonsense. When in doubt, throw a pair of sparkly socks on is what they say!
Then to add yet another layer and mainly to keep me a little bit warmer, I wore my £17 New Look Boyfriend Blazer because I like the long length and it went with my whole, "unfitted/boyfriend" vibe.
So have a lil scroll through my pictures and let me know what you think! I will upload my pictures from Day 3 tomorrow night <3

OF COURSE I had to make my Boyfriend wear the same colour scheme whilst swagging around LDN.

Trousers- Missguided
Turtle neck, T-shirt, bag, necklace- Primark
Blazer- New Look
Socks and Sandals- Topshop

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