Monday, 23 February 2015


So Day 3 at LFW was a bit of a struggle. I don't live in London and I didn't have a big suitcase, so I tried to be super organised and plan every outfit for each day. Then of course when I tried on my Day 3 outfit I didn't like it at all anymore.
So if don't think there's a lot of creativity behind this outfit, it's because I took a garment from each day, and I would also agree with you, hahah!
But I will tell you the reasons I put it together anyway just for blogs sake...
I absolutely love my leather culottes and I also love the navy and black combo. So I threw on my £4 blue/navy oversized t-shirt, with my culottes. Then to match the navy, I also put on my bright blue, suede, ankle boots! 
I later regretted the boots as it started absolutely chucking it down and they soon became personal swimming pools for my feet.
You will have noticed that I have worn this jacket quite a lot this week, but it goes with all my outfits, and even though I do have my Leather jacket with me also, I just much prefer the long length with all my LFW clothes! So sorry not sorry ;)
The necklace is one that also goes with pretty much everything, unless youre wearing gold... but I wore it with this look to break up the dark colours a bit. Plus the silver/chrome detailing on my Topshop rucksack went nicely with it.
P.S. sorry I uploaded this a day late, I hope you can forgive me xo

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