Tuesday, 3 February 2015

suits 'n' sneakerzzz

So this is a bit of a different look to my normal posts, I thought I would experiment with different occasions.
Have you ever walked down stairs in an outfit that took you about half an hour to decide on, and your Mum or friend says to you, "why are you wearing wedding on your legs and homeless over your head?"
I certainly have.
BUT why on earth not? 
I thought I would pair my super trusty, comfy, glittery huaraches with another Boxing Day steal - my Topshop suit trousers. 
First of all, there is a white, ribbed stripe down the side of the trousers, which automatically made me feel like they were KINDA sporty in a smart way? There's a possibility that's not possible, but its also possible so roll with me.
I think I could have worn any colour t-shirt with this outfit, but I think lighter would be better. A canary yellow could look super cool as we head into Spring, but as it's still snowing outside, I thought I would stick with my white £4 Primark T-Shirt.
So I have a casual top, smart trousers, sports trainers and of course, can't forget to wear a bit of glittery jewellery can we?!
To be honest, I think you could get away without wearing a necklace or much jewellery, but this one just matched so well and reminded me of little snowflakes so I threw it on!
Let me know your thoughts on this look on IG or just comment on here.
Thanks for reading again <3

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