Sunday, 1 March 2015

All pink everythang

I've had so much fun lately with my blog posts, I think it's really refreshing trying to be a little crazier, and creating looks quite different to my normal style. 

Pink is clearly one of my favourite colours, and I went vintage shopping in Birmingham around Christmas and found these pink jeans for just £15! I love how they are high waisted, but are wide leg all the way down. I used to hate this style of trouser leg but now I'm the palazzo queen.
I then walked into Miss Selfridge and saw this crop top in the sale for £10 and I knew it was the exact same tone of pink and that it was gonna' be just perfect together with the trousers!

I wore my glittery heels from Topshop with this look, mainly just because they're a similar pink and I'm still majorly in love with them, but I think some original white Adidas trainers would look great instead of the heels, it also makes the outfit a bit easier to wear out for a casual occasion.

Also, for another alternative look, I could have rolled up the jeans. Previously, I have put a hair bobble around each ankle, then rolled the jeans up over them, to hold the folds in place for however long I want to keep them there.

Top- Miss Selfridge
Jeans- Oasis Birmingham
Shoes- Topshop
Bag- River Island
Hat- eBay and personally customised my moi

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