Wednesday, 11 March 2015


I love love love this dress. I received it from the wonderful MissPap this week just in time for a night out in the sophisticated land of Birmingham. It's the perfect dress to wear when you want to dress up but don't want to look like you could pass for the red carpet. AND it has magic powers... it gives you BOOBIES.
The V cut down the middle is really flattering, and as it is supported by wire, it holds the structure of the top and is what gives you a cleavage! Well it's what gives me one anyway, you guys probably don't have this problem...
Anyway, the dress is £16.99 WHUUUUT, that's crazy cheap for what you're getting! The fabric is super stretchy, not see through at all and has seams in all the right places. It is also available in white, which will be perfect for the Summer with some neon court shoes and a matching clutch!
I decided not to wear a necklace because the neckline is the main feature of this dress but if you did want o wear some, a thin chain could have looked cute.
Another thing I like about the design of the dress, is that there isn't a zip, so it doesn't have a ripple down the back where the zip would normally wrinkle, As always, I'm appreciative of the lil' details.
10/10 from me!
Lauren xoxo

Dress - MissPap
Clutch - River Island
Shoes - River Island

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