Friday, 27 March 2015

Motel Rocks Rocks...Rocks Rocks Rocks Rocks?

Summer is just around the corner (I know it's only just hit Spring, but lets just be optimistic), and I can't get my dresses and sandals out quick enough!
This particular dress is from Motel Rocks! For as long as I have followed them, Motel have been notorious for their fabulous eye catching and memorable prints.
Normally I like simple and plain clothing, but when it comes Motel clothing, I absolutely love prints! They manage to create ones that are completely on style for the season.
As well as the print, they also have really cute simple cuts and designs. This dress would be perfect for any summer occasion, but I think I would wear it especially at festivals! The open back gives the dress the perfect boho vibe, whilst still looking really sweet with the skater skirt.
Of course I wouldn't wear heels with it at a festival, I mean feel free but you may spend more time pulling your heels out of the ground than listening to music. I would probably wear some black/white or ANY colour wellies, as absolutely any colour would go with the dress. (Maybe stay away from brown for now though).
The Sun and Moon print is quite hippie, so some head jewels or big bangles could look really nice if you wanted to accessorize! However, I didn't in this look because I think the print speaks for itself, especially with my platformed heels.
The dress is £35 but there is currently 20% off students so move quick! You can purchase the dress from the Motel Rocks website here.
Lauren xxxx

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