Sunday, 24 May 2015

I desire Public Desire

I think this is my favourite outfit of all time. It's all very classic with this vintage style denim skirt and retro striped t-shirt. And of course the main features of this post are my AMAZING public desire heels!
I chose to get this pair because of the colour, I don't have any red shoes let alone heels, and they were the perfect style to add to my collection. You may be thinking, 'what on earth is she doing with her socks' and at first I was thinking the same, but the red fishnet socks were just too cool not to wear. BUT they would have looked a little strange against the red fabric of the shoes, so I put a sparkly silver pair over the top to break it up a little! If you don't wanna be this crazy with your feet, I think just a plain white pair could've looked just as cute but mine were in the wash, oops :)
However, my PD shoes are some of the comfiest heels I have ever placed on my soles. They almost feel cushioned. I always find that platformed heels are always more comfy and easy to wear than court shoes, but these were just mega!
To buy these shoes for £24.99, head over over to Public Desire or click here. The shoes also come in baby blue, or black all over. 
Lauren xxx

Shoes - Public Desire
Skirt & Top - Topshop
Socks red - Forever21
Socks silver - Matalan

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