Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Divine Bum-bag

I'm so camouflaged I can't even see myself, just some walking dungarees LOL CLASSIC.
I wish I had had this cute lil' bumba earlier this Summer, it would have been so perfect for festival season! 
Camo print is so on trend at the moment, I love it, as you can tell...
I styled this outfit around the bum bag, so the choice of camo hate and t-shirt are pretty obvious hehe! 
I also had camo trousers which i debated wearing, but I decided that may be just a tad too OTT. 
I absolutely love these dungarees for this look too, I love that they aren't skinny and are super tomboy. I definitely look like an action man in this post, but I think thats what I was going for! 
Then of course my favourite Cat boots just make this outfit. I could have worn my black docs instead but I think the brown just makes the look a bit more autumn instead of jumping right into winter. 
Buy the bum bag now for £16 by clicking this link -
Lauren xxxx

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