Friday, 16 October 2015


Now, I know we are now in Autumn, but it's okay to dream right? 
I love this playsuit, it's super cute, really gurrly and sweet. 
I styled it alone with my iredescent clutch and pink glittery heels, as I was going to an ALOHA party so this was absolutely perfect for it!
However, now that it is a little bit chillier, I would wear a white sleeveless turtle neck underneath the playsuit, as well as wearing a low denier of black tights. For shoes, I personally would throw on a pair of black Dr Martens, but the over the kneww boots that weere a huge craze last year would also look really cute. 
Then as a jacket, I would wear my All saints leather jacket or perhaps a black denim jacket! 
TA DAAA! Now the playsuit is ready for Autumn.
If you would like to buy this playsuit or have a look at some of the other wonderful Toby Heart Ginger, either search 'Dream of Sunsets playsuit' and see which websites have it in stock. Or search Toby Heart Ginger! 
Lauren xxxx