Monday, 9 November 2015


You may have seen that In The Style has released their third collaberative collection with Made In Chelsea's Binky! And if you haven't then you really need to go and have a gander. The collection is full of soft floaty cuts, suede fabrics and cute patterns. The skirt in this post is just one of the beautiful Items I own from the collection and it is gorgeous!
I love everything about the skirt - the colour, the length and waist fit, the detailing and of course the suede fabric.
I decided to be a little adventurous with the styling and instead of sticking with more neutral tones, I wore every shade of red/tan that I own haha!
The turtle neck top is from Primark and you can get them in loaaads of colours for £4 each. Then the coat is £55 from Missguided. I am obsessed with this jacket, at first I was afraid I wouldn't get much wear out of it due to the colour, but infact it goes with laods more than I expected!
I then wore my lovely burgundy, snakeskin, boots from River Island. Which were actually only £40 hoooray!
Last but not least - the clutch.
I'm still not over the faux fur bag craze, and as soon as I saw this on the Lamoda website I knew I had to have it. I always used to think of Lamoda as a shoe specialist so when I was looking for new bags It didnt cross my mind to look there, oh how wrong I was!
They just have the best of everything, every colour fabroc and style of bag you could ask for. And all for great prices too!
Look out on my IG for more posts on their products as I went a lil' crazy pn theor website last week.
Hope you like this look!
Lauren xxxxx

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